Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Just a Little Singing and a Zoo Class

Will loves to sing and play instruments.  Our friend got him this Paper Jams microphone and he is having so much fun with it.  However, I feel like I am in a R and B musical because he keeps soulfully singing me questions in auto tune like "Mama... will you get me some fruit punch."  Though he normally calls me "Mommy" when he is speaking to me, apparently when singing I am "Mama."

Isn't this a gorgeous sunrise! 
And we went to a Zoo Class this Monday.  I am not really sure who enjoys these classes more... me or Will. 
This is Owlberta... the resident Screech Owl!  So Cute!
And Freckles the Lop Eared Bunny is so soft!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Born to Bowl!

This kid loves to bowl!
He begs to bowl!

New swear word in the Devlin household, "Oh BUMPERS!"  to be said when a bumper has assisted you in getting s spare or a strike!

We Love Split Shifts

Zach is working a split shift this week. Meaning that he goes in for part of 2nd and 3rd... and also meaning we get to do fun things with him like go to the Zoo!

Will is serenading the swans.

And a few of the still images from our Zoo trip.  The animals were frisky and fun today!
Here's the Swan who was called by Will's siren song!  That and the dog food like stuff they sell for $.50.
Hmmm I wonder if....
oh yes my fingers do stick up your nose (warning do not stick your fingers up a real tigers nose)
Kiss my peacock (he he couldn't resist)
What a cutie.  He looks very serious though... like he's seen some serious stuff!

I'm Back!

After getting hacked last year by some not so nice people in Russia, I am back.  Funny... no one took my blog name.  Good!  This is really just a place for me to post little video clips for my family to view without eating up all the data in their email. Is this blog going to change your life....doubt it....will you feel smarter after reading it...  nope.  Will my blog change the world... not a chance.  For the average person it's boring dribble about my family. So... basically this is just for me and my family/friends to enjoy!  :) So family/friends... ENJOY!